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Polished Expectations Inc. is a family owned business operating in the Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, Guelph and immediate surrounding areas.

The idea behind Polished Expectations Inc. came about when a couple of busy ladies became even busier! We had always been passionate about having a clean home and loved the peace of mind it brought us! As our families grew and our homes filled with the sounds and laughter of little ones, so did our busy schedules. In need of some help balancing life, we started off in search of a cleaning company. We soon realized that what we were looking for just wasn't available!


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Year at a Glance

Year at a Glance

This is the month to do a deep Fridge and Stove Clean out! After all that Christmas baking, your stove is sure to need some TLC!

Leave the dirty work to us!

Year at a Glance

Linen Closet organizing. Refold and rewash were needed! Get complete sets together and label them for easy access!

Purge unwanted pieces - donate them to a charity!

We will do the drop off for you!

Year at a Glance

Pantry and cupboard cleaning!

We'll remove everything and give your shelves a thorough washing! When we put it back, we'll organize and sort your food items so that you will be able to see at a glance exactly what you have!

Year at a Glance

Update your Wardrobe! Pack away winter sweaters, bring out your spring gear. Freshen up the pieces that need it with a quick wash or iron!

We will drop off unwanted pieces to the charity of your choice. Straighten up the hallway closet - pack up winter gear and give it a good wash!

Year at a Glance

Book a detailed, deep cleaning of your floors! Let us get down and dirty with your floors! Corners and kickplates will shine like new!

Year at a Glance


We'll make them sparkle and shine!

Baseboard washing!

Give them a yearly deep cleaning that will make weekly tidy-up a breeze!

Year at a Glance

It's a great time for a garage or a basement clear out!

De-clutter and simplify your life!

Laundry room – let us track down all that lint and dust that your dryer creates. Vacuum out your dryer vents!

Year at a Glance

Bathroom Vanity tidy up and organize! When skin care product gets old it loses its effectiveness. Toss out any old product that you've got buried in your vanity!

Reward yourself by purchasing some of the new product that you read about that's just come out!

Year at a Glance

It’s the most WONDERFUL time of the year!!

Now that the kiddies are back to school, let us get into their bedrooms and toy rooms to give those rooms a much-needed detailed cleaning! It’s the perfect time to sort through the mountain of toys your little ones have accumulated! Donate items that aren’t used anymore and make some room for all the new stuff that Santa will bring!

Year at a Glance

Time to start preparing for the cold!

Let us declutter your hall closet and make room for all those mittens and boots that will soon be filling that space. Pack up the flip flops and make room the toques!

Year at a Glance

Book a deep dusting of your entire home. With holiday entertaining just around the corner, let us capture all the cobwebs and dust bunnies before your guests arrive!

Year at a Glance

Custom made gift baskets available - made to order! Personal shoppers on staff!

Tired of fighting with your artificial Christmas tree? Let us drag it out of storage for you and get it all set up.

You just enjoy the fun part - decorating it with family & friends!